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The Green World Project forms a foundation for building a better, greener, and environment-friendly planet.

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Green Ecosystem

Powered by Green components. Our Green components form a unique base for our Ecosystem to function on. Our components are our digital platform, renewable energy platform and blockchain.

Unique Platform

Build uniquely by the GWP team. Every aspect of our Ecosystem is uniquely developed by the Green World Project team. Our team fully encourages the #Buidl movement.

Real World Utilization

Combining the very best. Our digital and hardware foundations combine the best of the digital world and the real world.

Our Partners


Marketplace partner.
Green Earth Hemp USA provides the highest quality full-spectrum hemp nutritional supplements made with the entire plant – flower and roots.

Our Partners


Promotional partner.
Bitcoin-Meister provides services like a Trading Desk, Cold Storage, Consulting, Staking and masternodes and extended services for developers.

Our Partners


Platform partner.
ALESO provides humanitarian voluntary services, reconstruction, development and promotion to needy communities.


In pre-alpha now. Check it out here.



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